The Best Haircuts and Hairstyles by Hair Type


A replica of your favorite celebrity hair is not the best look for your hair. The haircut and hairstyle that is best for you depends a lot on your hair texture. More than the shape of your face, your hair type will dictate the perfect cut for your hair. A suitable cut will make any head of hair behave, and there are flattering styles for all kinds of hair texture. You need to get more information dand etermine the best haircut for your hair type before booking an appointment to your salon. So how do you work with what you got and bid adieu to bad hair days?


If you have fine hair, do not grow it too long. Fine hair is characterized by a diameter smaller than regular hair which makes it silky and delicate. Long, fine hair looks flat and lifeless while short, fine hair has body and bounce. Go for a bob, pixie or a boy cut so you finer hair will seem more full by maximizing your lock's thickness. Straight cuts are best for trimming fine hair without thinning the tips to retain density. Lots of layers through a structured haircut also work as they add volume, vibrancy and manageability.


Opposed to fine hair, curly hair should be worn long. Keeping it short will add to the frizz and the fluff. Ditch the flat iron and keratin, and keep styling to a minimum. Do not even touch naturally curly hair as it will get frizzier. The best haircut for this hair texture is a longer length style with long layers cut in to allow the curls to move. Be wary of hairstylists who tug your curls and stretch them out while cutting. The curls will bounce back very different in shape from what was intended. Beautiful and accurate ringlets are cut with very little tension.


Wavy locks are not quite curly and not quite straight. A perfectly tousled wavy hair adds style, and upgrades hair to red carpet status. For long, wavy hair, the best cut is long, measured layers with a sweeping or side-angled bang. For short, wavy hair, layers should be avoided and a one-length cut is preferred. The flattering look for wavy and fine hair should be medium in length with uneven ends, while that for wavy and thick hair should be long layers around the head. All the styles do not disguise or conceal the wave but show it off instead for appreciation. You could definitely read more here.